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What is Hopinlock? 

Hopinlock is a free management platform created to provide an easy to use locker lock management platform. Using any Android smartphone or tablet with NFC technology, administrators can pre-configure the settings for multiple locks, saving time and energy. All protocol is backed up to the Hopinlock Portal, so if your device is lost, you can easily restore your backup information using your account details. 



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Hopinlock allows the user to write to multiple locks at once. Some of the changes that can be made include:

  • Changing the Master Password

  • Setting Tasks ​

  • Changing from 1-Time-User to Permanent user mode

  • Unlock One or All Locks 

  • Reset Locks to Factory Settings

  • Cloud Back Up 

  • Audit Trail of 500 last transactions 

  • Activating Service Password

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hopinlock management platform_clipped_re



hopinlock management platform_clipped_re